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Paul Harvey (Host)

Life Coach, Webinar & Events Host and Podcaster, Life Passion & Business

Sarah McCrum

Teacher, Transformational Coach & Author, The Spirit Of Generosity

Jac O'Keeffe

Spiritual Leader, Teacher & Author, www.Jac-OKeeffe.com

Will Pye

Teacher, Transformational Coach, Speaker and Author, www.WillPye.com

Dr. Kathy Bullock

Prof. of Music, Performer, Conductor, www.DrKathyBullock.com

Vish Chatterji

Executive Coach & Keynote Speaker, Author of "The Business Casual Yogi, Head & Heart Insights

Caroline Matters

Lead Steward & CEO, Findhorn Foundation

Rev Dr Michael O'Sullivan SJ

PhD, Theologian, MA Applied Spirituality, Dir. of SpIRE, Spirituality Inst. for Research & Education & Waterford Inst. of Technology

Dorota Owen

Teacher, International Speaker, Catalyst, www.DorotaOwen.com

Rabbi Rami Shapiro

Author, Lecturer, Jewish Practitioner of Perennial WisdomPodcast Host, Rabbi Rami

Andrea Hayes

Author, Broadcaster, Spiritual Director & Clinical Hypnotherapist, www.AndreaHayes.ie

Dr. Vic Manzo Jr.

Transformational Mindset Coach - Speaker - Author, Empower Your Reality

Brian Mayne

Goal Mapping Coach, Author, International Speaker, Brian Mayne's World of Goal Mapping

Lisa Miller Ph.D.

Professor, Researcher & Clinical Psychologist,, Spirituality Mind Body Institute

Ali Shah

Founder of TapeReal, TapeReal

Angela Trainer

Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Author, The Harvest Clinic

Dawn Cawthra

Artist, Teacher & Holistic Health Practitioner, www.DawnCawthra.co.uk

Pamela Grimm

Fitness Instructor, PamG Fitness

Julie Anne Hart

Channelling Transmitter of Higher Wisdom, iChannelWisdom

Louise Hurley

Reiki Healer, Drama Teacher, Theatre Writer & Director, The Healing Hand

Lisha King

Disabled, Living In God's Grace

Jennifer Main

Initiator & Transformational Guide, Author & Speaker, www.WithJennifer.com

Kiki Monifa

Freelance Writer, Editor, CEO of Black History Everyday, Black History Everyday / KikiTalks

Magdalena Reising

Singer, Songwriter & Professional Harpist, www.MagdalenaReising.com

Liz Rothschild

Performer, Celebrant & Burial Ground Owner., Full Circle Productions

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