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What does living a Spiritual Life mean to you?

Throughout this event we take an in-depth look into what being on a spiritual journey means to different people, and explore how we can all live with passion, purpose, vision and faith.

We discover how to deal with some of the inner and outer conflicts that occur when life throws a curve-ball, discuss what effect this has on the spiritual journey and explore how to transform those dualities into life enhancing experiences.

2020 the year of 20/20 vision came as an unexpected and challenging opportunity for a fundamental shift in the way we view the world and appreciate the people and things we value most.

After a challenging year, many of us entered 2021 with the prospect of continued social distancing and a compromised lifestyle. What can we learn from our experiences?

This prolonged situation provides an opportunity to fully explore and embrace the changes required to create a better world. How are we moving forward as individuals and as a collective?

This special event is a perfect way to inspire and empower you for whatever the future may bring.

The Spirit-duality Virtual Summit brings an opportunity to reconnect with what is important: our Spirituality, our Purpose, our Passion and what brings Meaning to our lives. Ultimately it reminds us time and time again that whatever our beliefs, our challenges or our cultural background, our inter-connection comes through love, compassion and igniting inner wisdom.

Through engaging conversations with each of our Guest Speakers, we discover what spirituality means to them, how they have embraced the challenges and dualities that arise as learning opportunities, and how they have transformed these experiences into learning opportunities for others.

Through their empowerment processes we unveil the mysteries of living in harmony with our own humanity and explore the realms of possibility for bringing healing, unity and harmony to the forefront of human development.

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