Vic Manzo

Enlightenment Through Overcoming Adversity

A Session by Dr. Vic Manzo Jr. (Transformational Mindset Coach - Speaker - Author, Empower Your Reality)

About this Session

Most of us run away from what we perceive as the dark aspects of life, our ego self, and all the obstacles we face. But it is these moments that bring light and help us become more aware of our greatness. They are there as an aid, a guide, and our 'best friend' for massive growth.

In this session, Dr Vic offers ways to enable you to shift your perspective and the framework of your mind to a different angle.

He provides solutions to help you shift gears and get out of a dis-empowered state, opens doors to allow you to step back into your power and highlights new ways to triumph through any challenges you face, allowing you to expand, thrive and evolve through the process.



As part of the "Ultimate Access" bundle I am offering 75% discount on my new "A Walk in the Dark" eBook.

I share many concepts in this book including proven methods for finding enlightenment by overcoming adversity, a deep dive into the law of duality and how it plays a role on the brain, and how the darkness/challenges we face in life, are actually the greatest ally/mentor we could ever have.

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Vic Manzo

Dr. Vic Manzo Jr.

Transformational Mindset Coach - Speaker - Author, Empower Your Reality