Kathy Bullock

Spiritual Connection Through Song

A Session by Dr. Kathy Bullock (Prof. of Music, Performer, Conductor, www.DrKathyBullock.com)

About this Session

In this session professor of music and gospel singer Kathy Bullock demonstrates the power of uniting and singing together. She explains how music has the capacity to reach into the soul and draw out our longing to connect, heal and rejoice together.

From the perspective of her own family history, she shares songs that would have supported her ancestors to express the pain and grief of slavery, and brings us into the present with a family video that shows how she personally connects with her own family to share musical gifts and tributes with her community.

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Kathy also brought together three powerful clips from YouTube videos that demonstrate songs of sorrow and joy.

Sadly we had to edit them out due to copy-write permissions, however we have kept the conversation in, and include the links below so you can refer to YouTube for the clips we are talking about


Celebration: Obama White House, Final Concert, The Light by Rapper, Common


Video time point referred to: 17:40 - 18:00


Funeral of George Floyd, God is With Us, performed and composed by Cathy Taylor


Video time point referred to: 6:50 - 10:02


Honoring Gospel Legends, at Legends Ball Part 5, Event By Oprah Winfrey – Changed (by Walter Hawkins)


Video time point referred to: 1:10 - 4:34

About The Speakers

Kathy Bullock

Dr. Kathy Bullock

Prof. of Music, Performer, Conductor, www.DrKathyBullock.com