Dawn Cawthra

Connect with Inner Wisdom through Art

A Session by Dawn Cawthra (Artist, Teacher & Holistic Health Practitioner, www.DawnCawthra.co.uk)

About this Session

Throughout her life, Dawn has felt most empowered when being creative. Slowing down and surrendering to whatever wants to be revealed enables her to access her intuition and inner wisdom, bringing clarity and healing when needed. During her workshops, she brings art and spirituality into deep harmony, gently encouraging the creative process as she facilitates others in tapping into their own inner guidance.

In this session she will guide you through the process of creating a Mandala, a Sanskrit word meaning circle, which symbolises the idea that life is never ending and everything in the universe is connected. The Mandala also represents the spiritual journey of the individual, offering insight and wisdom from within.

Dawn describes it as a 'meditation-in-motion', soothing, relaxing and highly absorbing once you get started. It is a gentle way of releasing stress and tension in the mind and body as you play with colour, patterns and images all within the safety of that beautiful cosmic circle.

Be prepared to lose yourself in this lovely process, and bring a calmness to your day.

Completely suitable for any skill level.

About The Speakers

Dawn Cawthra

Dawn Cawthra

Artist, Teacher & Holistic Health Practitioner, www.DawnCawthra.co.uk