Paul Harvey Cheryl Harvey (Host)

Day 4 Introductions & Attunement

A Session by Paul Harvey (Host) and Cheryl Harvey (Host)

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Today's Reading

Through the centuries, the wise have told us to live in the now. This is why I say to you...

The past is a ghost that cannot be held in the palm of your hand. The future cannot be grasped, no matter how desirable or enticing it may appear. Nor can the present be held, no matter how beautiful or exciting.

Taken from "The Missing Link" by Sydney Banks


Together we can bring the light of compassion, understanding and unity to the world.

By attuning to our own inner light and bringing our attention to healing, we invite our inner wisdom to come to conscious awareness. This can guide us in how to connect and care for ourselves and each other on a daily basis.

This is an opportunity to raise our vibration to a higher level. To live more consciously and unite in compassion and healing for all living beings.

Please join us for these short meditation sessions, live at 5pm each day, or in your own time.

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Paul Harvey

Paul Harvey (Host)

Life Coach, Webinar & Events Host and Podcaster, Life Passion & Business

Cheryl Harvey (Host)

Cheryl Harvey (Host)

Event Host & Administrator