Sarah McCrum

Money Talks - Are You Listening?

A Session by Sarah McCrum (Teacher, Transformational Coach & Author, The Spirit Of Generosity)

About this Session

This is a fascinating and enlightening conversation with Sarah and in some ways it felt like a three way conversation with money being the third party.

Sarah shares the journey that brought her into direct communication with the energy of Money as transcribed in her book 'Love Money, Money Loves You'. At the time of writing the book, Sarah literally had no money whatsoever, so she turned to the transcription for guidance.

Through the trial and error of misinterpreting the content of the book she gradually came to fully understand what money was saying to her and she now invites people to re-define their own relationship with money through her workshops and interviews and books.

Many of the points she brings add an entirely new perspective on money and it's tremendously abundant nature. Sarah will be sharing more about this in her Empowerment session later in the week.

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About The Speakers

Sarah McCrum

Sarah McCrum

Teacher, Transformational Coach & Author, The Spirit Of Generosity