Pamela Grimm

Addiction, Recovery & Gratitude

A Session by Pamela Grimm (Fitness Instructor, PamG Fitness)

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As a young child, Pamela was popular among her peers, worked hard in school and often found herself in leadership roles. All that changed when she reached High School where she fell in with the wrong crowd.

This led to smoking, then marijuana and alcohol and eventually on to crack. In 1993 she reached out to her employer for help and was enrolled into an Alcoholics Anonymous group, which didn't quite fit because her problem was drugs not alcohol.

It was at one of these meetings that she had what she can only describe as an Angelic visitation in the form of a man named Bob who set her on the right track then completely disappeared never to be seen again despite Pamela's continual searching.

Join us to discover how Bob guided her into a journey of recovery and spirituality which involves miracles, chance encounters and a life time of supporting others in their own recovery and transformation.

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Pamela Grimm

Pamela Grimm

Fitness Instructor, PamG Fitness