Leo Sofer

The Sacred Landscape of Stories

A Session by Leo Sofer (Intuitive Story Teller, Stories of the Journey Home)

About this Session

In this conversation Leo shares his experience of searching for meaning in a world that had lost it's connection with spirituality.

"Even as a teenager I could see that something important was missing. I was waking up to an ocean of wonder and depth within myself, and yet noticing that the culture around me had different priorities. Where were the stories celebrating the limitless potential I was glimpsing inside?"

Growing up in Thatcher's Britain in the 1980's it is hardly surprising that this was his experience.

After some searching Leo discovered mythology, and found that human beings weren’t as strange as he had thought.

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The Power of Stories


About The Speakers

Leo Sofer

Leo Sofer

Intuitive Story Teller, Stories of the Journey Home