Julie Anne Hart

Aligning With Divinity

A Session by Julie Anne Hart (Channelling Transmitter of Higher Wisdom, iChannelWisdom)

About this Session

A natural introvert, Julie Anne finds peace in stillness and silence, so she is not the sort of person who is easy to find on-line and in social media. It was a set of chance encounters that brought us together and it seemed that destiny had a hand in that.

Julie Anne’s spiritual journey began 20 years ago when she was feeling the pressures of working in Community Services and being caught in a difficult marriage. She had been brought up with the usual social and career expectations of how things ‘should’ be, but things weren’t quite working out as she expected and this led to what some people would call an emotional breakdown, but Julie Anne would call a spiritual breakthrough.

Seeking clarity and support she went to see a Spiritual Healer and within one hour a veil was lifted and her whole world completely shifted to another dimension which included psychic abilities, auto-writing and connections with spirit.

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Julie Anne Hart

Julie Anne Hart

Channelling Transmitter of Higher Wisdom, iChannelWisdom