Dawn Cawthra

Angels, Art and Direct Manifestation

A Session by Dawn Cawthra (Artist, Teacher & Holistic Health Practitioner, www.DawnCawthra.co.uk)

About this Session

"Dawn is a good friend and highly valued soul sister who quietly gets on with living a spiritual life. Her childhood introduction to Spirituality was through her Salvation Army family, but her connection with God and the Angelic realm is much more personal than that.

She calls this her 'team' and she connects with them regularly. Whenever she needs support, be it an answer to a seemingly difficult question or even a new home, she invites their participation in helping her find a solution that is for the highest good and best outcome for all. This is often fulfilled surprisingly quickly and gracefully.

In this conversation she shares her beautifully down to earth approach to living and walking the Spiritual path with integrity and purpose.

About The Speakers

Dawn Cawthra

Dawn Cawthra

Artist, Teacher & Holistic Health Practitioner, www.DawnCawthra.co.uk