Ali Shah

Ayahuasca and I

A Session by Ali Shah (Founder of TapeReal, TapeReal)

About this Session

In this conversation Ali talks openly about the duality of being outwardly successful but inwardly being in a dark space taking cannabis to fill the void.

He was living what appeared to be the perfect life, caught up in an egoic world. He recognizes how this infatuation with consumerism leads to loosing our connection to the earth and to spirit.

Ali had a desire to find something deeper and knew he needed to do something about it to break out of his downward spiral. This led him to the mountains of Equador and the Ayahuasca experience.


In the conversation we refer to the Podcast that Paul created with Ali. You can listen to this at:

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About The Speakers

Ali Shah

Ali Shah

Founder of TapeReal, TapeReal