Angela Trainer

A Healing Stroll through the 'Garden of Your Mind'

A Session by Angela Trainer (Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Author, The Harvest Clinic)

About this Session

We first met Angela through the online personal development group Change Your World Everyday where she brought her wonderful wit and down to earth approach to life and seasoned it with the most delightful spiritual gems through poems and quotes and meditations.

Angela has been on a journey, it has been a tough one and she is one of lifes 'thrivers'. Today she is bringing her skills and her intuition to give you a unique opportunity to experience the 3 brain meditation technique that helped her through her own 'dark nights' and enabled her to turn her life around.

Angela will be guiding us through an immune system meditation that combines breathing exercises and visualization to take you into the garden of the mind - a landscape rich in opportunity and unique healing capabilities.

We warmly invite you to come on this journey with Angela. Her compassion and genuine care for humanity is nourishing and enriching and this is why we invited her to share her self nurturing techniques with you.

About The Speakers

Angela Trainer

Angela Trainer

Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Author, The Harvest Clinic