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Creating The Life You Desire

A Session by Dr. Vic Manzo Jr. (Transformational Mindset Coach - Speaker - Author, Empower Your Reality)

About this Session

Vic grew up in an Italian Roman Catholic family living in Chicago where there were set expectations about what you should do and be.

As a teenager his father advised that he get into computers so he signed up for a College course and left home for the first time. This gave him the freedom to start exploring who he is as an individual away from his strong family influences.

Health issues led him to a Chiropractor and the results were mind blowing. This healing experience opened his awareness to a whole other way of living and prompted the decision to change his career and get his life on track.

Through his story, he shares his perspective on how to overcome the inner critic to create what you desire and how the lessons in life are all there to help us thrive.



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Vic Manzo

Dr. Vic Manzo Jr.

Transformational Mindset Coach - Speaker - Author, Empower Your Reality