Liz Rothschild

Honouring Life Transitions

A Session by Liz Rothschild (Performer, Celebrant & Burial Ground Owner., Full Circle Productions)

About this Session

Liz is a death story magnet, she even managed to draw them out of us in our conversations with her.

The most interesting thing about this though is that so many people are willing and eager to talk about the deaths they experience, but they are not willing to prepare loved ones for their own death or ask what they want to happen when they die.

Liz shares her personal experience of realizing that when her friend, an aesthete, lesbian died, the people that loved her recognised that if they wanted to give her the send off she deserved, they were going to have to create the ceremony themselves.

As a performer and writer, Liz was the obvious choice as the person who would perform the ceremony and this was the start of a whole new avenue of interest for her.

We met Liz when she brought her one-woman show to the Universal Hall in Findhorn. The conversations that were generated from the audience afterwards were fascinating and very varied, and her new book is destined to be the same.

About The Speakers

Liz Rothschild

Liz Rothschild

Performer, Celebrant & Burial Ground Owner., Full Circle Productions