Lisa Miller Ph.D.

The Science of Spirituality

A Session by Lisa Miller Ph.D. (Professor, Researcher & Clinical Psychologist,, Spirituality Mind Body Institute)

About this Session

"To really be a good Scientist, is to be a good artist, to be a good parent, to be a good lover, to be a good anything - its to use all of our forms of knowing, and we are knower's in multiple forms."

In this deeply enlightening conversation, scientist Lisa Miller talks about the essential value of Spirituality and it's tremendous effect on personal health and well-being. She discusses the value of having two GPS systems, one that takes the scientific approach and equally important, another that takes the intuitive approach.

Join us for this unique opportunity to hear the perspective of a highly qualified and experienced Scientist working at the cutting edge of Spirituality with high profile organizations.

In this conversation Paul refers to Lisa's TEDx Talk:-

Depression and Spiritual Awakening - Two Sides Of One Door

About The Speakers

Lisa Miller Ph.D.

Lisa Miller Ph.D.

Professor, Researcher & Clinical Psychologist,, Spirituality Mind Body Institute