Kathy Bullock

Connecting, Healing & Rejoicing Through Music

A Session by Dr. Kathy Bullock (Prof. of Music, Performer, Conductor, www.DrKathyBullock.com)

About this Session

Music not only fills the soul of Kathy Bullock, it also encourages, restores, heals, and uplifts the soul of every other being in the room with her when she sings.

When she performs Kathy brings exuberance, passion and purpose into the room creating opportunities for people to come together and 'joyfully' sing out all their personal pains and passions in heartfelt tribute to everyone who has ever suffered and everyone who has ever rejoiced throughout history.

In this session she talks about her family connections to music going back to the times of black slavery and explains how music enables people to find sanctuary and spiritual connection even in extreme circumstances.

Somehow, she also manages to do this with her ever present joy and passion for life.

About The Speakers

Kathy Bullock

Dr. Kathy Bullock

Prof. of Music, Performer, Conductor, www.DrKathyBullock.com