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Living in Alignment

A Session by Jennifer Main (Initiator & Transformational Guide, Author & Speaker,

About this Session

As a child, Jennifer's psychic abilities meant she could sense thoughts and emotions difficult for a child to understand - particularly so considering she grew up in the bible belt area of North Carolina in the USA.

At this early age, she was aware it was important not to reveal these experiences to her family but this meant she was never able to fully understand them.

As an adult Jennifer took a degree in Psychology and began working with people with complex needs. But it was only when she fell in love and moved to Scotland that she was able to 'find her tribe' and open the door to her psychic abilities and her current life.

A combination of these abilities and her knowledge of the mind led her to discover the full power of her intuition and how to tune it and use it as a tool.

This session is about discovering truth and trusting in the flow of life. It is about saying yes to life and living in the vibration of alignment.

Jennifer says "How could anyone be bored when you have the opportunity to tune into the world around you."


You can also hear more about Jennifer on the podcast she recorded with me at the beginning of the year. Visit Life Passion & Business Podcast

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Jennifer Main

Jennifer Main

Initiator & Transformational Guide, Author & Speaker,