Dorota Owen

Teaching, Abundance & Inner Guidance

A Session by Dorota Owen (Teacher, International Speaker, Catalyst,

About this Session

Dorota is a personal friend and neighbour who we first met through The Findhorn Foundation (a holistic community that is practically on our doorstep).

When she walks in a room, she brings life and vitality with her. She has an exceptional talent for demonstrating how to live abundantly and since that fortuitous day back in 2004, Dorota has personally enriched our lives with her capacity to turn every single experience into a rich and colourful gift.

In this conversation Dorota shares how her early experiences of being a hesitant and reluctant teacher transformed into a passion and how she has carved out a unique life that combines her unstoppable capacity to inspire with teaching in mainstream schools.

Wherever she goes, Dorota has a gift for bringing people together and being an ambassador for change. She says she struck a deal with God. "I will do whatever you need me to do so long as you make it easy."

It seems that God is fully in agreement with this as you will discover for yourself when you join us in welcoming Dorota's inspirational contribution to this event.

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Dorota Owen

Dorota Owen

Teacher, International Speaker, Catalyst,