Angela Trainer

Grief, Cancer and Self Healing

A Session by Angela Trainer (Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Author, The Harvest Clinic)

About this Session

In this conversation Psychotherapist Angela Trainer brings her down to earth approach to Spirituality with practical applications for dealing with death and disease whilst fulling embracing (and loving) the gritty bits of being human.

She talks about her catholic background, the deep bond she created with her dying father as part of a healthy releasing process and the realities of grief when everyone else has moved on.

She speaks the truth about the challenges of undergoing cancer treatment, how human connections helped her through and how her personal journal has paved the way to enable her to support others.

Angela will be sharing some of the techniques she used to help her through her grieving and healing processes in an Empowerment session at the end of the week.

About The Speakers

Angela Trainer

Angela Trainer

Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Author, The Harvest Clinic