Cheryl Harvey (Host)

Introducing Cheryl

A Session by Cheryl Harvey (Host) (Event Host & Administrator)

About this Session

Throughout the week we are asking our speakers to take us on their life journey, so it seems only fair that we are willing to start the week with our own.

Following Cheryl's introduction to Paul, the roles are reversed and Paul reclaims his place as host in the 'big chair'.



Cheryl was introduced to event management as the third generation of a successful family business managing weddings, celebrations and business events through two Function Suites. The emphasis was always on creating an atmosphere of care and attention to detail both in the environment and in customer/colleague connections.

After leaving school she trained as an administrator and throughout her working life has combined these skills and her passion for organizing, simplifying and visually enhancing both the environment and processing systems for the people she has worked with.

Although brought up in the Christian faith, her family weren't church goers. Her first immersion into spirituality came as a result of developing Scoliosis at 11, and being taken to healing sessions at the local Spiritualist Church. This led to attending a theosophical discussion group and an ever expanding interest in personal and spiritual development.

Her desire to connect with like-minded people brought opportunities to work in various therapy, personal development and holistic centres. During her son's early school years she worked as assistant in a Steiner/Waldorf Kindergarten which further enhanced her appreciation for the value of creating harmonious living/working environments, and meaningful celebrations and rituals.

Following a diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease in 2019 and the subsequent lock-down restrictions in 2020 she has been gifted the opportunity to slow down and enjoy the peaceful, harmonious surroundings of her home.

It is through these eclectic life experiences that she brings her enthusiasm for enhancing our inner life through our connection, care and conscious awareness of our home and working environments.

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Cheryl Harvey (Host)

Cheryl Harvey (Host)

Event Host & Administrator