Caroline Matters

Findhorn Foundation Birthday Celebration

A Session by Caroline Matters (Lead Steward & CEO, Findhorn Foundation)

About this Session

As we know there are always forces greater than our individual desire that bring things together with divine synchronicity. This is one of those moments.

After a week of inner reflection, what better time to let your hair down and party in true community style. This is an invitation to join in celebrating the Findhorn Foundation Community’s 58th Birthday – with an on-line evening of music, dance, theatre, comedy and more.

This is a treat we did not plan for and it is perfect!!

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The theme ‘Phoenix Arising’ is a reflection of the moving energies of inspiration and resilience, in challenging times. Put on by the NFA*, this celebration is also an opportunity to support the Findhorn Foundation, as it goes through a period of significant transition, responding to the changes brought by the Covid pandemic.

To receive the Zoom link for this celebration, please follow this link to The Findhorn Foundation 58th Birthday Celebration page on their website.

Then scroll down to their ‘Join This Event’ button, and follow the instructions. The Zoom link will then be automatically sent directly to you 24 hours before the event.

When you book your ticket there is an opportunity add a donation towards the Residential Findhorn Foundation Co-workers Support Fund. All money raised will go to the Findhorn Foundation, specifically to enhance the redundancy packages paid to co-workers as they move out of the Foundation.

*NFA : New Findhorn Association

About The Speakers

Caroline Matters

Caroline Matters

Lead Steward & CEO, Findhorn Foundation