Leo Sofer

Connecting With Your Intuitive Storyteller

A Session by Leo Sofer (Intuitive Story Teller, Stories of the Journey Home)

About this Session

Would you like to tap into an endless source of creativity, playfulness and inner wisdom?

Whether you consider yourself a storyteller or not, we all have the capacity to connect with the intuitive stories living deep within and draw out the wisdom they are yearning to express.

Stories are powerful because they speak directly to our subconscious mind and help us define what is possible. If we want to live with integrity and wholeness, we need these stories to support our journey.

This is your invitation to discover the power of intuitive storytelling as a method for connecting with the divine that lives within you.

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The Power Of Stories


About The Speakers

Leo Sofer

Leo Sofer

Intuitive Story Teller, Stories of the Journey Home