Sarah McCrum

Transforming Your Relationship With Money

A Session by Sarah McCrum (Teacher, Transformational Coach & Author, The Spirit Of Generosity)

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About this Session

Most people experience fear and stress around money and are not aware how much it is influencing their business, financial and family life, and even their personal impact in the world. This is as much a reality for wealthy people as it is for those who don't perceive themselves as wealthy.

In this session Sarah offers an opportunity to have a very direct and personal experience of the loving generous energy of money.

She invites you to put aside your inherited beliefs. Beliefs that you will come to realize have been misguided and have led to dysfunctional habits that are far removed from the healthy abundant relationship money is calling for you to enjoy.

When you experience this new relationship for yourself you will begin to understand what she is talking about in her book. Her approach is very different to anything we have experienced before.

We found this an enlightening and enriching session full of surprises and we wholeheartedly invite you to come, play and discover how to transform your personal relationship with money.

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Sarah McCrum

Sarah McCrum

Teacher, Transformational Coach & Author, The Spirit Of Generosity

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