Louise Hurley

Breath, Body & Soul

A Session by Louise Hurley (Reiki Healer, Drama Teacher, Theatre Writer & Director, The Healing Hand)

About this Session

In this session Louise demonstrates how she uses breath and bodywork* as process to access and transmute blockages from the subtle bodies.

The full process enables Louise to reach an intuitive place where she has access to her inner wisdom and this allows insights and guidance to shine through.

Louise completes the session by sharing her own writing and invites us to share some of ours.

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The full technique Louise uses includes sound and body movements that have the capacity to reach and release long held emotional blocks.

If you are not familiar with this type of shadow work we recommend seeking the support of a trained facilitator to guide you through the processes.

As we are unable to provide this support within the framework of the event, it would be inappropriate to share this content here.

With Louise's agreement we have edited it out. However, it is still possible to reach a deeper intuitive connection through the breath work and we hope you enjoy participating in this sessions with us.


About The Speakers

Louise Hurley

Louise Hurley

Reiki Healer, Drama Teacher, Theatre Writer & Director, The Healing Hand