Julie Anne Hart

Awakening To Your Sacred Destiny

A Session by Julie Anne Hart (Channelling Transmitter of Higher Wisdom, iChannelWisdom)

About this Session

Of all the powerful and inspirational sessions in this event, this has to be the most sacred and special. Julie Anne guides us deeply and intuitively to unite with the core of our being, the sacred essential root of who we are beneath all the noise and confusion of the world we live in.

"In absolute honesty when Julie Anne submitted the text below I did not think it would be possible to achieve all that in one simple video session. At the end of the recording I emerged knowing that I am being called to something greater than myself. From the depths of my soul I invite you to take part in this deeply moving and empowering experience with Julie Anne." Cheryl Harvey


Julie Anne's invitation to you...

Are you ready to discover how you can always delve deeper and deeper and even deeper into the realms of your own truth?

In this session a sacred discovery of destiny awaits you.

Its time to see the bigger picture than the one you have been looking at. Developing a largess of spirit has requirements. It takes a heightened sense of self to truly know that there is an infinite universe, an infinite well of love, an infinite well of support, an infinite well of divine guidance waiting for you. Not to achieve but to know that you are everything from the moment you took your very first breath.

Are you ready to...

  • discover your true reflection of who you are and what you are here to do?

  • come into sacred ceremony to seek even more of your hidden potential?

  • stop playing small, shoot for the stars and let your greatness out?

  • seek the assistance of your spirit helpers and allies?

  • lighten up and get out of your own way?

An awakening is the awareness of which all action is derived from.

When you give yourself permission to see through the eyes of source you are opening to an array of infinite possibilities and you may have to scrutinize your current situation to see what is before your eyes.



As part of the "Ultimate Access" bundle I am offering 50% off my 30-minute Intuitive Consultation. The full price is normally £80.00 - Your price is £40.00

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As part of the “Ultimate Access” Bundle, I am offering 50% off a 30-minute Intuitive Consultation. The full price for a Consultation is normally £80.00 - Your price £40.00 To redeem this offer, click the link below to return to my session. Then select 'SPECIAL OFFER' in the media files.


About The Speaker

Julie Anne Hart

Julie Anne Hart

Channelling Transmitter of Higher Wisdom, iChannelWisdom