Too late for Advent? No worries, sign up any time before 31st December and you will still receive all the sessions you missed.

Make Christmas a Life Changing Experience, filled with Exploration, Discovery and Empowerment. The Perfect Christmas Gift To Give, To Receive and To Share with Friends & Loved Ones.

What does living a Spiritual Life mean to you?

Throughout this event we take an in-depth look into what being on a spiritual journey means to different people, and explore how we can all live with passion, purpose, vision and faith.

We discover how to deal with some of the inner and outer conflicts that occur when life throws a curve-ball, discuss what effect this has on the spiritual journey and explore how to transform those dualities into life enhancing experiences.

Through engaging conversations with each of our Guest Speakers, we discover what spirituality means to them, how they have embraced the dualities that arise as learning opportunities, and how they have transformed these experiences into learning opportunities for others.

Through their processes we unveil the mysteries of living in harmony with our own humanity and explore the realms of possibility for bringing healing, unity and harmony to the forefront of human development.

Too late for Advent?  No worries, sign up any time before 31st December
and you will still receive all the sessions you missed.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

In the words of Mother Teresa: "I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples." We are all here to learn from each other and collectively bring that wisdom into the light.

Sacred Christmas - Advent/Christmas Bundle - is an extended replay of our November 2020 Spirit-Duality Virtual Summit

2020 the year of 20/20 vision came as an unexpected and challenging opportunity to embrace the changes required to create a better world.  What will 2021 bring?

After a challenging year, many of us are faced with the likelihood of Christmas being quieter and less festive than normal. Which makes it a perfect opportunity to reflect on the true spirit of Christmas and bring some purpose and spiritual fulfillment back into the festivities.

The 2020 Spirit-duality Virtual Summit was an amazing opportunity to reconnect with what is important: our Spirituality, our Purpose, our Passion and what brings Meaning to our lives. Ultimately it reminded us time and time again that whatever our beliefs, our challenges or our cultural background, our inter-connection comes through love, compassion and igniting inner wisdom.

This special ‘Sacred Christmas’ Replay Package is a perfect way make Advent and Christmas a time of inner reflection, re-evaluation and re-discovery. Join us in the FREE introduction/inspiration session for suggestions that can be combined with the re-plays to inspire, and empower you to for whatever 2021 may bring.

An empowering gift to receive, and an inspiring gift to give, and share
with friends and loved ones even when you are miles apart.

At Christmas it is all is too easy to get caught up in the frenzy of buying gifts for the sake of participating in the annual ritual of giving and receiving material possessions.

However, the real value of giving and receiving comes in the form of a gift that moves us forward in whatever direction we are seeking.

Throughout Advent receive a daily Inspiration Session to reflect on and inspire you in your own Spiritual journey. On Christmas Day receive the ultimate Christmas Gift - a bundle of all 15 Spirit-duality Empowerment Sessions. All these sessions are replays from our November Spirit-duality event.

The Spirit-duality Empowerment sessions offer the perfect opportunity to actively engage in personal and spiritual development processes, to gain insight into the unique gifts you bring to the world and open the way for deeper spiritual connections.

These 15 deeply significant and rewarding activities opened our hearts and minds to abundance, gratitude, intuition, healing, empowerment, inner wisdom and so much more. They are the perfect gift to give, receive and share with the people you love over the Christmas holiday period, preparing you all to enter 2021 with life enhancing tools and wisdom.

The Sacred Christmas Advent/Christmas Package Includes:-

●  1 x Speaker's Inspiration Session Replay per day from 1st - 24th December as a virtual Advent Calendar.

●  All 15 Speaker's Empowerment Session Replays - released on 25th December as a virtual Christmas Gift.

●  A generous Group 'Ticket Option' - for yourself and 4 friends (£150 = £30 per person)

●  Full replay access to all the sessions up until midnight on 6th January.

●  A gift that keeps on giving even after its expiry date.

And...   if you join late you still receive all the sessions you missed.

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